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The Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique Lessons during Coronavirus/Covid-19

Online Alexander Technique Lessons Are Available At This Time

1-1 Lessons in East Sheen, Richmond are not being offered at this time.

  • At this time, home visits are not available.
  • At this time, lessons are not available at Nomura until further notice.
  • At this time, lessons are not available at ENO until further notice.
  • At this time, lessons are not available at Kew Gardens until further notice.
  • Welcome to Alexander Technique Richmond

    The Alexander Technique is a world-renowned method for improving posture, poise and performance. It is commonly used as an efficient and long-lasting intervention for pain relief, particularly back pain and neck pain. The Alexander Technique involves developing awareness of your own movement patterns and the way you "use" yourself. By becoming alert to poor posture and undesirable movements, you can isolate and eliminate some of these problems. You can also prevent issues from occurring in the first place.

    Reasons for visiting an Alexander Technique Teacher may include: Back and neck pain, aches, RSI, improving posture, sports performance, public speaking, stress management, pregnancy or professional development. Although the technique is calming and de-stressing, it is not intended to be a relaxation session. There are no Alexander Technique exercises either. Nor is it an alternative or complementary therapy; it is a method of far reaching postural re-education that can help you rid yourself of nagging aches and pains. Daryl currently offers private, one to one Alexander Technique lessons in East Sheen, Richmond, South West London. Areas with easy access include Putney, Roehampton, Kingston, Twickenham and Kew. Public transport links are excellent, and free on-street parking is also available. There are occasional classes & workshops in Barnes and sometimes other areas around London. If you are interested in the corporate applications of the Alexander Technique, please contact me to discuss.